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Warehouse Management System suite of tools is the core of our Supply Chain Solution. WISE WMS has user defined location rules, package types, picking rules, shipment procedures, packaging techniques, and all other significant details regarding your operations. WISE then optimizes these tasks for you based on detailed algorithmic rule engines. These extensive WISE Functions are available to improve the distribution center’s operations by minimizing costs and increasing productivity.

Web Based Inventory Management

IntelliTrack Stratus software is the most cost effective and secure solution for tracking and managing assets in your business. From manufacturing warehouses and fire departments to universities, hospitals and churches, there is a Stratus product which will provide all the data necessary to identify the location, level of supply, users and condition of inventory.

The reports produced by Stratus software allow management to monitor productivity, identify emerging issues, and make plans for maximizing resources.

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Introducing Web Based Inventory Software That Lets You Manage Your Warehouse Inventory Anytime, Anywhere.
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Small to medium sized warehouse operations find StratusISRP particularly helpful in calculating and tracking all the data about inventory, shipping, receiving and picking. The reports include the amount of inventory available, order processing, stock issue and receipting. 

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This full inventory and asset management solution provides access to all the data needed for managing efficiently. It records details of all the stock in one or multiple locations, reporting the data according to the design parameters required by management. An RFID option produces data even more quickly. This software is particularly useful for large institutions and government agencies, which have to conduct asset audits for accountability.

The warehouse is the critical hub of the business, the central depot through which everything must pass – from raw materials waiting to be manufactured into finished goods to product waiting for shipment downstream to a distribution center, retailer or end-customer. WISE functionality can be applied throughout all core warehouse processes, transforming the warehouse into a competitive advantage.

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Fixed asset tracking, check in check out, and inventory  control software from RedBeam!

RedBeam, Inc. is a leading provider of barcode and data collection software designed to make fixed asset tracking, inventory control, and check in check out processes more efficient. Save time and money with RedBeam!

Hundreds of organizations in virtually every industry use RedBeam to track fixed assets, inventory, parts and supplies – anything with a barcode label. Clients in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, retail, military, government, education, and healthcare use RedBeam to reduce expenses and increase productivity.

RedBeam. Intuitive. affordable, complete data collection solutions!

RedBeam's fixed asset tracking, check in check out, and inventory control software products are powerful and ready-to-use right out of the box. Our knowledgeable support staff is standing by to help you get your system up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

RedBeam is available exclusively through a trained network of professional distributors. Together, we can help you to find the ideal solution to meet your asset tracking, equipment tracking, and inventory control software needs. 

The StratusCheckOut application collects and processes all the data for both consumable and fixed assets. It reports on the detail of inventory, tracks levels for reordering, reserves assets for designated users and consumers, and check assets in and out of the inventory. It is invaluable in preventing loss of costly inventory.

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This web based Stratus application has the capacity to conduct physical inventories and track stock issues and receipts. It can report data for just one site or several, using terminology specific to that business. This solution is popular for those offering customer managed inventory services.

Retrieve QuickBooks Purchase Orders and enter them into IntelliTrack software as Receiving Orders using the IntelliTrack QuickBooks Plug-In .

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Inventory Control, Asset Tracking, & Warehouse Management Software

IntelliTrack Software manages inventory and assets using barcode, RFID, and wireless tracking technology. IntelliTrack can help you collect, track, and manage anything that can be tagged or barcoded. With over 14,000 installations worldwide, IntelliTrack is the most recognized brand in the data collection industry.

Mailroom Management & Proof of Delivery Software

IntelliTrack Package Track allows mailroom personnel to receive and deliver packages using Windows CE/Mobile handheld computers with integrated scanners.
From the moment a package is delivered by FedEx, UPS or other common carriers, IntelliTrack Package Track can tell you where the package is located.

Packages are typically received using a Windows CE/Mobile handheld computer with integrated scanners. Packages are received by scanning the tracking number on the package. However, if a tracking number is not available, Package Track will create one for you.

Recipients get an email notification when a package has arrived. Window CE/Mobile devices are used to deliver packages to a recipient and capture signatures for delivery.

IntelliTrack Package Track is very popular with colleges, universities, hospitals, government offices and large companies. Particularly when multiple mailrooms or loading docks are involved.  For further information about Package Track, click on link below!

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The StratusInventory software provides an enterprise solution for conducting fast, efficient physical counts on a handheld computer. Besides the number of items in various Units of Measurement, this application can identify serial and lot numbers, and expiration dates. It can produce real time or batch reports for individual sites or a consolidated report for the entire operation.

What makes the Cloud-Based Stratus line of products so special?

Stratus is a web-based product line of inventory software solutions. That means you can access your systems without the need for clunky and expensive hardware. It also means you can rest easy knowing that all your data and files are backed up and preserved on our secure cloud server. Even if something happens at your location, all your data will be preserved and saved.

The Stratus Line has been developed with the full weight of IntelliTrack’s expertise and experience. For more than two decades, IntelliTrack has been responding to the inventory management needs of its 20,000 customers. State of the art technology and an understanding of changes in the way business is done are hallmarks of IntelliTrack’s results oriented solutions.

What are the Cloud Based Stratus products?

A brief review of the Stratus line of products confirms that there is an inventory management software solution for every situation: